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Golden Retrievers need training and respond well to such interactions and bonding with their human companions. It is highly recommended that you enroll in a local training program with your Golden Retriever. Goldens in general are very responsive and do best in a fair and respectful training environment. Visit your local training facilities, consult with your veterinarian and find the best fit for you and your dog. Depending on where you live, there may be private training instructors and behavior counselors available, especially if your dog has a background or experiences that warrant special training or rehabilitation. Remember that your local Golden Retriever Rescue program may have advice and/or information about local resources that may be of assistance to you as well.

The following links and articles are provided, in no particular order, for informational purposes only. Neither the Golden Retriever Club of America nor its National Rescue Committee endorse any particular training method, opinion or philosophy. Articles and links included are the opinion solely of the author or site developer.



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