The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

To submit a nomination for a Starfish award please send a short note (approximately 500 words) either by e-mail to or by regular mail to (GRCA-NRC, C/O Martha Greer Administrative Assistant, PO Box 388, Jamesville, New York 13078) describing the reasons you feel the person or group should receive the award. You may be contacted for additional information about your nominee as we attempt to narrow the list of deserving recipients.


I. GRCA Resolution 02-45

Be it hereby resolved that the Board establishes the Golden Starfish Award to recognize individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to Golden Retriever Rescue efforts, and be it further resolved that the attached Golden Starfish Award Guidelines be adopted.


Purpose: to recognize individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to Golden Retriever rescue efforts, either in their own local rescue program, through the assistance of another rescue organization, or through individual effort.

Recipients: Awarded annually to a maximum of two groups, and a maximum of two individuals. Recipients are eligible for repeat awards.

Nominations: The GRCA's National Rescue Committee will accept nominations from GRCA members, rescue groups, and individuals from January through March for activities of the preceding year. NRC members may make nominations based on activity in the Region based on contact with the group, or information from the group's newsletter. Award recipients will be announced in May of each year.

Awards: Group winners (such as a rescue organization, breed club, company or other such entity will receive a $100 (one hundred dollar) cash award to be given to the Golden Retriever Rescue organization of their choosing (Note: the designated Rescue Program must have charitable group 501 (C)(3) designation). A certificate that acknowledges the recipient and outlines the reason for their receipt of the award will be provided. The organization receiving the award will have permission to display the Golden Starfish Award emblem on their website.

Individual winners will receive a specially designed certificate as noted above. In addition, they will receive a starfish pin with a ribbon that bears the initials of the GRCA-NRC on it.

Both group winners and individual winners will have their accomplishments recognized in an article to be printed in the GR News, and on the GRCA-NRC website

II. Establishment of the NRC Recognition Committee

The Chair of the National Rescue Committee will appoint a committee of three NRC members to comprise the Recognition Committee and to administer the Starfish Award. The Committee can decide to add additional members from within the NRC membership, or in the case of a conflict of interest, a member may be excused. If a conflict of interest does arise, a member may be excused from discussions concerning a related group or person, while at the same time participating in discussions concerning the merits of other nominees. The excused member would not participate in the final Recognition Committee vote to determine the winners.

III. Nominations

1. Eligibility

Nominations will be accepted of any individual or groups to include Rescue programs, corporations and other service or commercial entities. Members of the NRC are not eligible for the award while appointed to the NRC and for two years after concluding their NRC service. Deceased individuals, however meritorious, will not be eligible as the purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage those individuals and groups actively participating in the Golden Retriever Rescue movement. Winners of the Starfish Award will not be eligible for reconsideration, if nominated, until three years after receiving their initial award.

2. Letters of Nomination

Nominations will be accepted from any group, any individual or group of individuals. Letters of no more than 500 words will be accepted via e-mail or the U.S. Postal Service. Support documentation (without limits of words, etc) may be included if it pertains specifically to the individual or group's merit as a nominee. Nominations may be submitted during the months of January , February and March with all nominations in hand by April 15. Winners will be announced on or about May 1. The selection of the winners will be based entirely on the nomination letter and attached documentation. Those submitting nominations are encouraged to address the award criteria set forth below.

3. Award Criteria

The following criteria are set forth to encourage those writing nominations to address issues and service the NRC feels important to the Rescue movement. It is not meant to imply that every nominee must meet every criterion to be eligible for consideration.

In the first year, the following criteria were established:

*scope of the nominee's impact (local, state, or national)

*Evidence of long-term commitment as opposed to an isolated incidence of good deeds

*duration of a program or an individual's commitment to rescue

*Number of dogs impacted by the work of the nominees

*service to the rescue community at large.

4. Posting Nomination Guidelines

Nomination guidelines and criteria will be posted on the NRC website and the GRCA will be asked to post a notice and link on their Announcements sector. When possible, a brief announcement in the GRNews would be desirable.

IV. Selection Process

1. Processing Nominations

Nominations may be sent, via mail or e-mail, to a designated member of the Recognition Committee who will, in turn, acknowledge receipt of same and then forward copies to the other members of the Recognition Committee. When the nominations have closed, all members of the NRC will be informed of the names of the nominees. If, at that time, any NRC member is aware of any reason a nominee should NOT be considered, the NRC member must inform the Recognition Committee immediately. Each member of the Recognition Committee will review all submissions and assign a rank order to each. Members of the committee will then compare notes and determine the winners. The committee will endeavor to have back-up recommendations if the NRC as a whole is unable to agree on the committee's recommendation.

2. Number of awardees

Two awards may be presented each year and ideally this would be one group winner and one individual winner. Should the nominations submitted dictate otherwise, two groups and no individuals or two individuals and no groups could be named as winners. If the Recognition Committee feels it has inadequate nominees, awards in either category could be skipped for a year.

3. Role of the GRCA Board of Directors

The GRCA Board of Directors shall have no role in the selection of the Starfish Award winners. If, however, after the NRC has approved the Recognition Committee's recommendation, the GRCA Board Liaison person determines, upon consultation with the GRCA Board, that there is a GRCA BOD objection to one of the winners, the NRC will review the selection, review the recommended back-up winner(s) and, through the GRCA Liaison person, achieve an agreement on the matter. Agreement shall be by "failure to object" as opposed to formal vote.

4. Informing winners, non-winners and nominators

Winners will be informed, ideally by phone or, if necessary, by mail, when the selection process is complete. This will be done by the NRC Chair. Those nominating non-winners will also be notified by a Recognition Committee member with encouragement to consider submitting the nomination again the following year.

V. Awards (see GRCA Resolution above)

1. Presentation of Awards

Awards will be presented in two locales - at the annual Goldstock Camp in September and at the GRCA National Specialty Show Annual Meeting. Should a winner be unable to attend either, or send a representative to accept the award, the award will be mailed to the recipient.

Both the Chair of the NRC and the President of the GRCA will sign a specially designed certificate, noting the accomplishments of the awardees. The financial award to the group winner, provided by an anonymous donor, will be presented at the same time, as will the Starfish Award pins. The donor will deposit the funds with the Golden Retriever Foundation (a 501 c (3) organization) and the NRC Chair will ask the GRCA Treasurer to obtain the funds from the GRF.

b) National Recognition

As noted in the GRCA resolution, the awards will be announced via a feature article in the GRNews. The winners also will be announced on the NRC website.