The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon

P.O. Box 25391
Portland, OR 97298-0391
Phone: 503-892-2897 (Voice Mail)
Territory Serviced: Oregon and Washington

Organizational information:
Formed in 1990 and incorporated in 1992, this 501(c)3 organization's board is insured.
Licensing complies with state requirements
Board and officers are appointed
This program uses foster homes

This program has written policies
This program works with Goldens and Golden mixes.
This program requires an application fee of $25
They adopt out of the service territory under special circumstances only if applicant is outstanding or wants a special needs dog.
Requires a dog be returned if the owner cannot keep
Takes ownership of a dog upon intake
Provides training for very young dogs or those with behavioral issues.
No dogs placed with families with children under 10 years of age.
Requires a home visit before adoption approval under special circumstances if phone interview is outstanding applicant
Follows up with adopters after placement
Dogs are observed and evaluated before adoption
All dogs receive all vaccines (Rabies, DHLPP and any other regionally appropriate tests) before adoption
All dogs have most tests (heartworm, fecal and other regionally appropriate tests) before adoption.
All dogs are altered (spayed or neutered) before adoption.
All dogs are microchipped before adoption.

Other notes: Other requirements of adoption:

  1. Experience is stressed, but not required on a case by case basis.
  2. Fenced yard is required.
  3. Preference is given to families where someone is at home most of the time.
  4. Dog must be a family dog, not an outside dog.
  5. Home ownership or a landlord's letter of permission is required.
  6. An adoption fee is required (varies depending on the age of the dog)

Other program features: Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon has several ancillary functions which support its adoption/foster program, including:

  • Fund Raising via merchandise sales, end-of-year charitable donation mailing, annual calendar production featuring GBR adopted dogs, and special fund raising campaigns for high-expense dogs.
  • Publicity and Education via local media, GBR web side, and metropolitan veterinary providers
  • Liaison work with local shelters
  • Recruitment, training, and mentoring of volunteers

Considerations for intake/surrender:

  • Dog evaluation
  • Dogs with bite history evaluated and consideration given on case by case basis
  • Ask owners to make sure shots are up to date before surrender. If dog needs to be spayed or neutered also ask about possibility of having it done. Also ask for donation. But will never turn down a dog for lack of one of the above.
  • Must look like a Golden and have a Golden personality.
  • Age and medical conditions are not a reason to turn down a Golden.
  • Our bottom line is The Dog. Whatever is best for the dog is what we are willing to do for him or her. Until the day comes that rescue groups are not needed, we are here for any Golden in Oregon and Washington.

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