The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee

Support staff and consultants of the NRC


Consultant, Program development:
Kim Goforth -

Consultant, Financial development:
Joy Viola -

Consultant, Canine rehabilition:
Shereen Farber -

Legal/mediation Consultants:
Joseph Muller -

Consultant, Saving our Seniors Project:
Deb Haggerty -

Consultant, Media Rep:
Julie Vallante -

Consultant, Reference Resource/Editor:
Edell Schaefer -


Administrative assistant Martha Greer -
Martha compiles and distributes all contact information and annual surveys. She will direct inquiries to other committee members when necessary. Her email address is:

Administrative assistant Karen Swanson -
Karen creates and moderates the e-lists maintained by this committee for networking purposes. Her email address is:

Web Support:
Claire Wenstrom -


Martha Greer

Jenny O'Brien Konior

Joy Viola

Deb Haggerty