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A Golden Named Stumpy

 Tatia Taylor

Bradley, aka Stumpy, is a beautiful sweet-faced Golden Retriever, somewhere around 10 years old, with a rough story and an amazing Golden spirit. He entered our lives at Homeward Bound after he was hit by a car and left for dead over in Napa county. Samaritans found him and dropped him off at the nearest veterinary hospital, and the hospital contacted HB. Read more....

Stumpy was struck by the car in his hindquarters, severing all the nerves from his lower spine backward. His tail and bottom had no sensation or movement, so his tail hung straight down, and although his rear legs only sustained minor nerve damage, he has no feeling to let him know when his bowels move, so he no longer knows to squat. Read more....

Because HB is a sanctuary as well as a rescue, Stumpy has a place to be well fed, well cared for and well loved for the rest of his life, if need be. Stumpy will likely remain incontinent for the rest of his life, so HB is probably his forever home. Read more....

Unfortunately, Stumpy's story doesn't yet have a happy ending. Last weekend one of the vets who spends her weekends caring for all the HB dogs found a good sized lump. Read more....


Stumpy needed surgery, major recuperation, and long term care, but the hospital was unable to do any more than care for him as he was. Due to lack of space and the expense, they could no longer even do that.

The local shelter informed them that due to his injuries and age, he would be euthanized if turned over to them. When the hospital contacted Jody to see if HB could help, her immediate response was, 'we'll take him', without even knowing the extent of the damage.

When we got him, his tail was matted to the backs of his legs with feces, and his entire rear end was one big open sore.

The medical motto at HB is 'whatever it takes', so Stumpy went immediately into surgery, where his entire tail was amputated. All the matted feces and hair were removed to get the large area of broken skin exposed to the air. Then began rest and recovery and a new life at HB for Stumpy.

He has quickly become a beloved face among the sanctuary dogs at HB, not only because he's cute, but because he exemplifies that indomitable Golden spirit. He is extremely loving and affectionate, constantly 'hugs' people, and is always smiling despite it all.

His poor bare rump is healing nicely, and "Stumpy" is actually a misnomer because he doesn't even have that! He needs a gentle washing every day, to clean off the inevitable poo and keep his tender bottom skin from being re-irritated. HE doesn't know when it's time to go because he can't feel it; he's just happy to be in a place where people love him. It only takes meeting him to realize any time spent with him is precious - even if it's just washing his butt.

The needle biopsy looked bad and the lump has to come off asap, which HB will have done without a second thought. After so much hardship and so much progress, Stumpy's fans are heartbroken over this new setback and the prospect of another surgery for Stumpy.

If not for HB however, he wouldn't be here at all, and it's all done with donations and volunteers! So with luck and prayers and the caring, healing work of Homeward Bound, hopefully Stumpy will get through this too. Any and all prayers sent his way are much appreciated by our Golden star Stumpy, and the HB people who adore him.

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