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Bounty's Story

Exuberant -- that's the word that best describes this bouncy and beautiful old girl. She's a petite powerhouse of vitality and enthusiasm and I'm delighted that she's spending her retirement years with me.

Bounty came to me in December 2002 after the death of her elderly owner who had trained her and shown her to her Utility degree. At twelve and a half years of age, she still had the focus and desire to please that must have entertained audiences as she progressed through her obedience titles. I've been told that she was a star in the ring and she still responds with excitement to the sound of applause; you can actually feel her joy. She quickly asserted her place in the household pack (I had three goldens already) and claimed the role of alpha dog - something the other dogs agreed to with minimal debate.

Initially, however, Bounty was a bit anxious moving into my home - she had spent considerable time in her crate over the years and had developed a spinning habit whenever she was uncertain or nervous. Over the last few months, the spinning has subsided although occasionally I'll see her playing with her tennis ball, tossing it in the air and spinning out of pure joy.

Truly, it makes my day to see her enjoyment and share this time with her. She plays hard, naps even harder, and is much like having an elderly relative come visit. All of her training and obedience experience have given her confidence and wisdom - nothing seems to disturb her and for the simple pleasures of a good meal and fresh tennis ball she rewards me with a nudge and that golden retriever look that lets me know it's time to pet her and scratch her behind the ears. She is a delight.