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An update on Barry:

After a couple of months in rescue, with minimal progress gaining weight, a number of tests and biopsies were done in which we learned Barry had an aggressive form of skin cancer. The vet estimated he would live only a month or two. In spite of this grim prognosis, Barry didn't seem to realize he was ill!

He went to the dog park with his foster Golden sister and his foster dad most days. On the days he wasn't at the park, he played at the marina. He was a terrific ambassador for rescue as he managed to get everyone he met to pet him, because he liked people and he was itchy! His skin cancer caused almost constant itching and the vets tried everything to try to make him comfortable.

Ultimately, Barry crossed over the Rainbow Bridge after actually being ill for only a couple of days. He died in the arms of his foster mom and dad at home rather than alone in the flea infected garage of his previous owner. A few asked why Golden Rescue invested significant resources in supporting Barry. We counter with it was the right thing to do. Barry had five good months. We think he deserved it.

We are grateful to his wonderful foster family, Jean and Al Huey, who said, "It was a pleasure to care for Barry if even for a short time."


Original article:

Golden Lovers,

I want to share with you what your efforts of time and money to Golden Retriever Rescue does:

picture 2 of Barry

Joe and I picked up Barry from his give up owner yesterday at 6:15 p.m. His owner said she was giving him up because she was moving and that he had some skin problems (hot spots). Barry is 9 years old and they had had him from a breeder since he was 6 months old.

When he was being seen by the vet Barry lay on the floor with his head in the vet's lap. Fleas were everywhere. His skin is like leather from scratching. He has big open sores. What I thought was a tumor was his hip protruding hip bone. They sent us away for a couple of hours and when we returned, the news was mostly good. They had bathed him and treated him for fleas. Our guy who weighed 74 in December 2008 now weighs 54 and has a very serious skin infection that should have been treated months ago.

We got home after 11 last night we put him in a crate in our room where he only slept for short periods before he would wake up scratching, but he's on lots of drugs and a full recovery is expected.

THANKS to you! Sleep well tonight knowing you make a difference.


(Pat has promised an update on Barry for us in the future.)


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